Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My First Collaborative Painting

This is my first collaborative painting, with a fellow artist/friend named Charlie Hanson, who also belongs to my group, The Arts Communtiy of Easton. This project was actually his idea, and we both brought our strenths to the table. He is an extremely skilled portrait artist, which is not my strong suit; and I am skilled creating impressionistic landscapes.

I would highly recommend doing collaborations with other artists; it is a chance for both people to learn from each other, while creating something beautiful.

This painting will be featured at the Pennsylvania State Theatre Gallery, along with pieces from various other ACE artists, which opens on September 28, 2008. The opening is from 3-5 pm. The show will run from 9/18 to 11/7. The State Theatre is located on Northampton Street, in Easton, PA.

Completed, framed "Lady in Waiting", acrylic on canvas. This is an antique frame which Charlie Hanson restored for this project.

Completed, prior to framing.

This is the end of Stage 1 of the painting, after I finished most of my work on this piece; leaving the figure for the other artist to begin. I then completed the finishing touches, as it appears above.

This is my sketch that I worked from for this piece, done roughly in charcoal. It is a very good idea to do this prior to starting anything on canvas, so that you are sure of the placement and scale of the items in the painting. The idea for the background scene started when Charlie, the other artist and I, were doing an outdoor show at the beginning of the summer, and I started to do some sketches after he asked me if I would be interested in collaborating with him on a project. I love lilly ponds, and artists like Monet and Seurat, and wanted the figure in the piece to appear like those in of Monet and Seurat.


mmurray49 said...

I think these are lovely! You do good work!

Kimberley Walton said...

Thanks mike... Its still for sale.

Kimberley Walton said...

Thanks mike... Its still for sale.