Monday, April 18, 2011


I have embarked on a new creative business venture, my own online store at; featuring my own graphic art designs, as well as the ability to create new designs with my own fine art and crafts.  I am new to the graphic art world, when I first studied this in high school, our methods were "old" school; certainly not digital.
I am looking forward to learning new things.  I currently only have a few items for sale on the site , but there will be more to come.  

I am hoping to create another income stream for myself, as well as boaden my artistic skills.  I welcome any and all feedback, as well as requests for any particular design you believe my skills would apply to.
Please visit:

Friday, April 15, 2011


Google Recently released it's version of Google Earth, for Art Lovers, called the "Google Art Project".
It features a virtual tour of art museums from all over the world.  I just love this concept.  I think it is a great idea, especially for those of us who do not have the means to travel to these wonderful places in person.
My favorite is the Palais of Versailles, of course!

Check it out here- you will be impressed!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Restored Terra Cotta Flower Planter

This is a planter given to me by my best friend to restore...when I got it from her, it was not painted at all, just a plain terra cotta finish.  The interesting thing about this piece was that on each side where the top portion of the leaves are, each leaf pattern is three dimentional.

I simply started with the existing leaf design, and added flowers and expanded the pattern. I am very proud of this piece, and my friend loved how it came out!  In addition, by doing this project, I was able to teach myself a new shading technique for the leaves; because of having to deal with the three dimentional relief design.  It matches the decor of her house very well.

I really enjoy taking a simple and unfinished piece of pottery and creating something totally different with it.  I have had much success with these hand painted pots, and I receive many compliments on them.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Online Art Competition

As an avid user of Facebook, I came upon an artist group, sponsoring the 1St Annual Autumn Painting Challenge and Competition. I submitted my painting "Lady in Waiting" because the use of colors and landscape were conducive to the objectives of the competition.

Fifteen winners were announced ( was not one of them) and will be participating in an actual Gallery Show in western Pennsylvania. Even though I did not win, it is very good, in the age of social media, to put yourself out there, and connect with other artists. Get your work viewed by as many people as possible. Often times, it is not what you know, but who you know when you get your big break in life.

This is an item I will be adding to my Artist Resume as well. Document everything. This will make a bigger impression upon that gallery owner you are trying to convince to exhibit your work.

For more info. on the competition and see the winners, please visit:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Paintings Featured at New Local Gift Shop


My Paintings Featured at New Local, Eco-Friendly Gift Shop

I am pleased to announce a new business relationship with "Down To Earth" a local Eco-Friendly gift shop located at the Stone Cottage Gardens on Rt. 512 in Pen Argyl, PA.

I happened to find this store when visiting it with a friend of mine. The owner, Kate, along with her fiance, has put together a wonderful little store which is very quaint and inviting. Apparently a newly renovated building which used to be part of the original house which is on the property and is currently being used as an antique store, she proclaims her unique gifts and furnishings as "Eco-Friendly Indulgences for the Greener Good". It is a retail/gift shop specializing in eco-friendly products, including clothing, jewelery and unique hand crafted items.

"Down To Earth" is currently exhibiting three of my paintings, "Vase of Flowers", an Iris Giclee Print, "Waterlilies in Spring", an original acrylic on canvas, and "Summer Poppies", an original acrylic on canvas board. I believe my work fits in well with the garden-themed surrowndings of the property. I hope to display some of my other work there, including some of my fine art crafts possibly in the spring time.

The store's web site is
which is currently under construction, but will be up and running soon, according to Kate. It can also be found on Facebook, at

I suggest anyone loving antiques, and unique hand crafted items visit the store- it is just beautiful!; and I am proud and honored to be a part of it.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Third Collaborative Book Entry, "Secrets" Upcoming Event:

(The photos above are courtesy of Maryann Riker, book artist and fellow ACE member)
I am pleased to announce I just completed my third Collaborative Book assignment, as curated by my fellow ACE (The Arts Community of Easton) decorative book artist, Maryann J. Riker. I was honored she asked me for a third time to participate in the piece; as this is my third time as one of the collaborating artists featured.

This time the theme was "SECRETS"....which could
refer to any kind of secret; or any view of secrets. Per Ms. Riker, the assignment was as follows: "SECRETS......We all have them...hidden and close to the heart...sometimes we open them to ourselves or unfold them to let someone else know about them...sometimes unbidden they whisper back to us..reminding us that they are there, keeping silent, but always with us...what secrets do you wish to unfold with us?"

The format of this piece consists of a 3"x3" square ocular-opening envelope as the container for the "secrets"; and could be created using any kind of media. Since I am a painter, I chose acrylic for one, and colored pencil for the other. The size was
a bit of a challenge, but I believe my designs work well.

The completed collaborative book will be submitted, and donated to the National Museum for Women in the Arts for inclusion into their Special Collections. In March of 2010, the book will be exhibited in the Phillipsburg, Easton area during National Women's History Month.

(These photos are only of the back side of each, unfortunately, since the rest of my pictures came out extremely blurry.....)

The piece on the left on the cream colored card stock paper, is my more serious "secret"; which focuses on an issue which unfortunately affects many women today, which is domestic violence. I am familiar with this all too well, as I too was a victim of it. The center fold features a poem which I wrote, and on either side of the poem is the image of a broken heart on one side, and wilted flowers on the other. You will understand why I chose these images after reading the poem which follows:


I could not tell

I was living a living hell......

Why was my husband that way with me?

Anger, depression, violence, hatred and jealousy.

Why did only a few believe me?

Like a wilted flower, apart from a beautiful bouquet;

Alienated and alone.

Years and time have passed, not all the wounds have healed.

Yet like a wilted flower, I was reborn

and bloomed again.

No longer tormented by the past;

and have flourished on my own.

The piece on the grey colored card stock paper is a more positive interpretation of "secrets".

On the back reads, "I have a Secret" in French, and on the inside reads "I love you" and "Love", also in French. On either side are heart-shaped floral designs which I created using colored pencil.
These kinds of artistic projects are very interesting, as every individual has their own interpretation of the theme; and it is great to see the finished product of all the smaller pieces becoming one artistic statement.


Women's Work--An Exhibit at The Gallery at St. John's from 1/3/10-2/28/10. Opening Reception on 1/3/10 from 12 noon-3 p.m.
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 11:16:08 -0500

An exhibit of
five women artists will exhibit work at St. John's Gallery, 330 Ferry Street, Easton, PA from 1/3/10 through 2/28/10. An opening reception will take place on 1/3/10 from 12 noon - 3 p.m. and an artist's talk will also occur on 2/7/10 at noon. The public is invited.

The exhibit organized by Maryann Riker brings together five women artists and ACE members who carry on the tradition of women's work that is influenced by the
feminist art movement heralded in the 1970's by such art world notables as Judy Chicago and Miriam Shapiro. It exemplifies the craft of the domestic arts into the mainstream of fine art/fine craft and these are demonstrated by Susan Huxley and Marya. Jackie Lima, Kim Robertson and Maryann Riker exhibit work depicting women in their domestic environments.
lso on view on 1/3/10 at the opening reception will be "SECRETS" a women's collaborative book by 20women artists who constructed origami envelopes that enveloped their secrets and were then bound into a 10 foot accordion book. The book, "SECRETS", will be on display at Moravian College for Women's History Month in March, 2010.

For more information on this exhibit, please contact St. John's Gallery at

I am proud to be a part of this collaborative work by many talented women, and was an opportunity to share something personal with the world in hopes of helping other women with the same experiences.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Hand Painted Botanical Slate

These pieces were created from pieces of formed slate that a friend of mine gave me which she discovered in her basement. Slate is very prevalent in my area of PA; and I am hoping to be able to create more of these.

Large Hand Painted Botanical Slate $60.00

The right hand views of these pieces are with eisel stands I purchased to hold them; instead of using some kind of mounting device. I found this method of display is more appropriate to the designs.
These and other pictures of my fine art craft items can be found on my flickr page:


Small Hand Painted Botanical Slate $30.00

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Upcoming Event: Easton Farmer's Market, Easton Center Square, Easton, PA

Saturday July 18, 2009

9am- 1pm

For the third consecutive year, I will be participating in the Easton Farmer's Market, in Easton, PA to exhibit and sell my work and promote my artist's group, the Arts Community of Easton. I will be manning the "ACE Tent" along with a few other ACE Members.

I will be showing only my small works, since I have to share the space, including a few small paintings, and also my craft items. These will also include two new pieces which are decorative slate; which came out beautifully. Hopefully the weather will be nice, and we will have a good day! Hope to see some of you there.


The day was a success- I sold two of my items- a large floral hand painted vase; and a large hand painted terra cotta pot and matching saucer. I also met alot of nice people with nice things to say about my work. Events like these are important as far as networking; and finding new opportunitites in the area.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


"Old Lady"
Original Watercolor on Canvas Board
5"x7" $50.00


In Celebration of International Women's Month

Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA

Opening Saturday March 7, 6-9 pm

This year, our first ACE group show is for the women of ACE only. It is in celebration of International Women's Month. The theme this year corresponds with the Green Movement, celebrating women who take the lead in saving the planet. The pieces featured in the show are to represent our voices as women, artists and individuals conscious of the world.

For more information on the show, please visit:

My particular piece which was accepted for this juried show is entitled, "Old Lady" which was actually created when I was a student in Studio Art in High School. It is an original watercolor, on canvas board; and I feel is more of a "character analysis" of the subject.

I hope to see some of you at the opening!


This was a small and intimate opening; but fun and nice to see how the women of our group interpreted the theme. My piece is one of the smallest; yet made a big statement.

Hopefully it will sell!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008



This will be my second time exhibiting at this event. It is a beautiful place to exhibit, and offers a chance to meet other fellow artists and vendors. I will be showing my fine art crafts, as well as original paintings for sale.


Set up begins at 8:00 am, judging at 11:30, and the exhibit ending at 4:30 pm.

Various prizes are offered. If you would like more information, or would like to be considered as a vendor/artist for next year, please visit



Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My First Collaborative Painting

This is my first collaborative painting, with a fellow artist/friend named Charlie Hanson, who also belongs to my group, The Arts Communtiy of Easton. This project was actually his idea, and we both brought our strenths to the table. He is an extremely skilled portrait artist, which is not my strong suit; and I am skilled creating impressionistic landscapes.

I would highly recommend doing collaborations with other artists; it is a chance for both people to learn from each other, while creating something beautiful.

This painting will be featured at the Pennsylvania State Theatre Gallery, along with pieces from various other ACE artists, which opens on September 28, 2008. The opening is from 3-5 pm. The show will run from 9/18 to 11/7. The State Theatre is located on Northampton Street, in Easton, PA.

Completed, framed "Lady in Waiting", acrylic on canvas. This is an antique frame which Charlie Hanson restored for this project.

Completed, prior to framing.

This is the end of Stage 1 of the painting, after I finished most of my work on this piece; leaving the figure for the other artist to begin. I then completed the finishing touches, as it appears above.

This is my sketch that I worked from for this piece, done roughly in charcoal. It is a very good idea to do this prior to starting anything on canvas, so that you are sure of the placement and scale of the items in the painting. The idea for the background scene started when Charlie, the other artist and I, were doing an outdoor show at the beginning of the summer, and I started to do some sketches after he asked me if I would be interested in collaborating with him on a project. I love lilly ponds, and artists like Monet and Seurat, and wanted the figure in the piece to appear like those in of Monet and Seurat.

Monday, August 18, 2008


For the second year in a row, I will be manning the ACE, Arts Community of Easton's booth/ tent at the Farmer's Market in Easton, PA (all around the Center Square) on Saturday August 23, 2008- weather permitting. This event runs throughout the summer until November, every Saturday, from 9am-1 pm.

I will be featuring my hand painted crafts, including some new clay flower pot pieces, as well as various 2 dimentional artwork. I have found this is a good place to exhibit items that are "garden" related, and there are alot of nice people to meet.

For more information on the event, please see:

or visit the Art Community of Easton's website:

Hope to see you there!

It was an absolutely beautiful day; I enjoyed the sun and meeting alot of nice people who gave me many good compliments on my work. I did have a sale, so it was a success.

Here are pics of the newest hand painted terra cotta pots I just finished for this event:

"Shabby Chic" inspired hand painted clay pots

This is a portion of a set of terra cotta pots I just completed; I took the design and colors from the hand painted vanity (see below) I did for my youngest daughter. I love the yellow/white combination.

"Rust" themed hand painted clay pot set

All of these pots have similiar but slightly different color combinations, and ended up looking very nice together.

"Lavendar" inspired hand painted terra cotta pot

This color combination, as far as my crafts are concerned, was something totally different for me. I just wanted to try something out of the norm; and used lavendar, blue, and pink. I think these colors work very well together.



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Restoration of Authentic German Hope Chest

This is an authentic German Hope chest, which a friend of a friend asked me to restore. It was built in 1934, has German writing on the inside, and a unique painting on the top. It was severely damaged in shipment from Germany to the United States.

I had to repaint mostly the entire orange area on the lid; it was so damaged.....the customer did not want me to do too much to destroy the authenticity of the piece- and I believe I was true to his wishes.

This is the front view of the chest; and hopefully the areas that I had to repaint blends into the rest well. The entire corners and sides had to be sanded down in many areas. I then applied acrylic gesso, then matched the colors and painted one color at a time. The green area was very difficult because there are five variations of the green that had to be matched.



This is the first time I have ever undertaken this type of furniture "restoration". With patience and attention to detail, it can be done properly; and look even better than before.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Upcoming Events: 2 outdoor shows

Sunday June 08, 2008- Community Faire and Car Show, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Lake Minsi Drive, Bangor, PA. This is a Church sponsored event, and my own artwork will be displayed, along with a few other artists and crafters. This is also a car show, which should help to attract customers!

It is very beneficial to be involved in your community, and participate in events such as these. Church is a place where you can also make connections, and gain potential customers!

This event was a fun event and a success; I was able to sell one item.

Sunday, June 15, 2008- 2008 River Rites Music and Art Festival, an ACE, Arts Community of Easton Event, Riverside Park, Easton, PA. This is a Juried event; paintings and other craft items to be displayed. This will be the first year I am able to participate in this event, and from what I have heard from my fellow ACE members, brings alot of visitors to the area.

It is free and open to the public. There will also be a full schedule of music at the amphitheatre starting at noon, in addition to the arts and crafts booths.

For more information, please visit:

This is a view of my set-up with a free-standing display. It was a reqirement of this particular show; but I would recommend it to any serious artist who does not want their work to fall in the wind. It is very heavy to transport, but it's worth it not to have anything get damaged from the wind blowing.

This is the view down the river, looking at the "Free Bridge" between Easton, PA and Phillipsburg, NJ. The park is located just to the side of the main bridge on rt. 22.

This is a view of some of the other vendor's set-ups.
Although I did not sell anything at this event, it was a good opportunity for me to network with other artists, and I even did a little sketching and painting, and started working on a collaborative painting I will be doing with another fellow artist.
Here is a good tip for those of my fellow artists who often participate in outdoor events such as these: have multiple small items for sale, $20.00 and under; because most of the people who attend these type of shows do not wish to spend alot of money at one time.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

"All Walks of Life" at the Garden of Easton, Opening April 19, 2008

"Old Lady" 5"x7" $50.00 Framed
Original watercolor on canvas board
Currently on sale at the Garden of Easton, Easton, PA until May 17th.

On April 19, 2008 from 5 to 7 pm, will be the opening for my next show entitled, "All Walks of Life", which celebrates Earth Day. This will be held at the Garden of Easton, located at 249 Northampton Street, Easton, PA. This is a "small works" show as all of the pieces had to be a maximum of 12" on either side.

My entry for this show is entitled, "Old Lady", which is a piece I did back in 1987 while still in High School and is somewhat of a "character study".

The Garden of Easton is a quaint little shop which is owned by a fellow ACE Member and friend, and has a somewhat "ecclectic" ambiance. "Everything available to create your tranquil space indoors and out, i.e. fountains, wind chimes, gifts for gardeners, plants and more".

This is the second time I have had a piece on exhibit in this location. I hope to be exhibiting another after this show. For more information on the show or the shop itself, please visit

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Arts Community of Easton Annual Group Juried Show, "Reinvention" Opening 4/5/08

"Flower Still Life" by Maurice Utrillo, 1946

"Utrillo Impression" 21"x21", original acrylic on canvas
$250.00 available at Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA until May 11, 2008

The "assignment" for this show was to "reinvent" a vintage poster, while still staying true to the original. My choice was Maurice Utrillo's "Flower Still Life" from 1946.

This is my interpretation of the artist's piece. His is more of an "Expressionist" interpretation; i.e. harder lines and a rough feel of the still life. I wanted to create an "Impressionistic" interpretation of the image; using techniques using loose brush strokes and mixing the colors on the canvas instead of on the pallete.
"Reinvention"The Arts Community of Easton's Annual Group ShowApril 4th thru May 11thOpening Reception, April 5th from 6 to 9 PM.

Connexions Art Gallery, 213 Northampton Street, Easton, PA 18042

Time once again for ACE's Annual Group Show at Connexions. In past years, we have focused on a "river/water" theme for this show. This year Connexions will be doing something different. We have asked artists to take vintage art posters and incorporate them into a piece of their own art in a way that creates a new piece of art.
This will be a juried show. Ingrid Renard from the Hunterton County Museum will be the juror. Stop by and enjoy the recreations of these vintage posters as interpreted by members and supporters of the Arts Community.A portion of the proceeds will go towards the ACE general fund.

For more details and information regarding our show, please visit:

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Recognition as an Contributor!

As an almost every day reader of and now a frequent contributor to their article section, it seems as if I have been recognized and thanked as a participant!

I would recommend this web site for every artist of every level. It offers very useful tips for every aspect of the art world; including how to promote your work and yourself. I have learned a variety of things here, and if you are mentioned on their web site, you will receive a free link to your own site......I have noticed that the amount of readers of my own blog have increased since I have been doing this.

Please check out the article here which mentions me, and quite a few other EE Contributors!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Upcoming Online Exhibition

I will be participating in the "" 2008 4th Online Invitational Exhibition, beginning on January 28, 2008! I am not sure how long this show will run, but please take a look at for further details.

I will try to find out the direct link of my work and post it here on my blog, for those of you who would like to take a look. I will be featuring my two paintings for sale, entitled, "Summer Poppies" and "Secret Garden". This is a "member's only" show.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Is Your New Year's Resolution?

What is your New Year's Resolution for 2008? My latest article I wrote for describes an alternative resolution that I think can apply to anyone; especially those of us "creative types" out there. How to be "true" to yourself for the New Year; and for the rest of your life.
Please read on here:

Friday, November 09, 2007

Monet and Cezanne article published on!

Today, 11/09/07, I am proud to say my second art-related article I have written has been published on! This one is a discussion comparing and contrasting the work of two great masters, Claude Monet and Paul Cezanne. It is entitled "Monet and Cezanne: The Path To Modernism", and can be read here:

You will notice the editor of Empty Easel has changed the title slightly, but the content is basically the same. Please take a look, and I welcome any comments!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Portfolio Article Published on ""

Today, 10/12/07, the article I wrote entitled "A Freelance Artist's Guide To Preparing A Good Portfolio" has been published on!! This is a great site for my fellow artists to check out, and has alot of useful information including ways to promote your work on the web and elsewhere, and painting techniques; and what I like about this site is that one is able to submit their work to be critiqued....if it is featured on the site, the editor will give you a free plug to your own web site!
It also features various articles written by other artists, like the one I submitted. Please take a look at it here:

I welcome any comments!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

My Reward Of Praise

This past weekend, I delivered my second commissioned piece, "Sunset Dream" to its new owner. As she opened her eyes after I took it out of my portfolio, the look of astonishment and amazement as to its beauty will be something I will never forget.
To have someone appreciate your artwork to such a degree after giving you minimal instructions on what they want and never seeing it in progress, is the best reward an artist can ever get!!

I highly recommend any artist to do commissioned work, whether it be for a large corporation, small company, or for a person's home. It will verify your ability to please others with your creations, and such satisfaction is better than any amount of money you can earn for it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Upcoming Art Festival, "Art Across The River"

I will be participating in my first "Art Across The River" Festival, Sponsored by the Columbia Portland Cultural Society on Sunday Sept. 30, 2007. Rain Date is October 7, 2006. Hours for this event run from 9am-5pm. This is a particularly special event because the artwork will be judged, and artists have the potential of winning cash prizes!

This will be located outdoors on the walking bridge spanning the Delaware River, between Portland, PA and Columbia, NJ.

In addition to Arts, Crafts and Antiques, there will also be a barn tour, pumpkin painting, car show, demonstrations and music.

Artists who are interested can email, or for more information, please view their web site at

p.s. This was a wonderful event, and I reccommend it to any artist, of all levels. What a wonderful day, and what a view from the walking bridge!

This Photograph was provided as a courtesy of The Forwardian Arts Society 570-269-3348 or

Friday, August 10, 2007

Corporate Art Exhibition


For Immediate Release:

Local Artist Displays Work
And Adds Appeal
To The L&D Holmes Building

Easton, PA. April 16, 2007. Local Artist Kimberley T. Walton of Bangor, PA has been given the opportunity to exhibit their work in the lobby of the L&D Building in Easton; located at 101 Larry Holmes Drive. Owners Riverstar Properties, LLC, seek to add beauty and appeal to the property by exhibiting artwork by local artists. Artwork will be exhibited until May 12 or thereafter, upon discretion of the owners of the building.

Kimberley T. Walton, a member of the Arts Community of Easton, is displaying her paintings as available for sale to the public. Her interest in being an artist started in High School when she won First Place for painting in the National Art Honors Society Invitational Art Competition in 1987, for her interpretation of Monet’s “Water Lillis” series; now entitled “Waterlillies Revisited”. She considers herself to be a "Modern Impressionist", drawing inspiration and techniques from the classic masters of the Impressionist Movement, such as Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir; specializing in original acrylic landscapes and florals. Other works by her can be seen currently at the ACE Member Juried Show at the Fowler Center in Bethlehem, PA until April 20, 2007, the Newark Public Library, Special Collections Division, Newark, NJ and The Skillman Library, Lafayette College, Easton, PA; indefinitely. Her work has also been shown previously at Gallery 31 North, in Glen Gardner, New Jersey.


Kimberley T. Walton

(610) 588-8658

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

ACE Member Juried Show at Fowler Center, opening 04/06/07

Announcing another ACE Juried Member Show, Fowler Center, Bethlehem.
Show dates will run from March 12 to April 20. Opening reception Friday April 6, from 6:00-9:00pm. This building is a part of the Northampton County Community College Campus, South Side of Bethlehem, PA. Room 112.
The Juror for this show is Joe Chapuk, NCC facilitator, teacher and artist.
Anyone who would like more information can contact him at
I will be showing my latest work, "Secret Garden", original acrylic on canvas, and "Rustic Floral", original acrylic on canvas.
Directions to the Fowler Family Southside Center: from 22 east or west- follow rt. 378 S to 3rd Street exit, marge left onto Third Street, and follow to the 500 block. The center is located at 511 E. Third Street, Bethlehem.
This is my second ACE Juried show, and I am very excited to be participating!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Artist Resume


Attended Georgetown University, Washington DC- School of Language and Linguistics- studied French and Art History. 1988-1990

Awards and Recognition:

"Best in the West" Western Regional Scholastic Art Award Exhibit, 1983. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass.

First Place, Painting, National Art Honors Society Invitational Art Competition, 1987. Mount Olive High School, Mount Olive, NJ. "Waterlillies Revisited".

Memberships and Affiliations:

Member of ACE, Arts Community of Easton, since December 2005


Local Artist Feature Story- "The Chronicle Newspaper" December 2005

Press Release Exhibition Story- "The Bucks County Herald" May 2007

“A Freelance Artist’s Guide To Preparing a Good Portfolio”, article written by the artist, published 10/12/07 on

“Monet and Cezanne: The Path To Modernism”, written by the artist, published 11/9/07 on

Online Exhibitions: 2008 4th Invitational Online Exhibition, January 2008-February 2008
“Secret Garden” and “Summer Poppies” featured.

1st Annual Autumn Arts Painting Challenge and Competition on Facebook. November, 2009. "Lady In Waiting" featured.

Gallery and Retail Store Affiliations:

Art Deco Gallery, Phillipsburg, NJ- Vase of Flowers Print

Belmont Studios, Rockland, ME- Vase of Flowers Print

The Garden of Easton, Northampton Street, Easton, PA- Vase of Flowers Print, various hand painted crafts; 2007. “Old Lady” and “Water Lilies in Spring” 2008.

Down To Earth” gift shop, Pen Argyl, PA. “Vase of Flowers” print, “Water Lilies In Spring”, and “Summer Poppies” On-going since October, 2009.

Galleries and Exhibitions:

Art Deco Gallery, Phillipsburg, NJ- Vase of Flowers Print
Belmont Studios, Rockland, ME- Vase of Flowers Print
The Garden of Eason, Northampton Street, Easton, PA- Vase of Flowers Print and various

hand painted wood crafts.

02/26/06-04/02/06- 2006 Juried Exhibition of ACE members, Gallery 31 North, Glen Gardner, NJ. "Vase of Flowers", Acrylic on canvas.

ACE Collaborative Book- "Floral Regeneration", Acrylic on card stock paper, origami fold. May 2006- Williams Center Art Gallery, Lafayette College, Easton, PA

June 19- July 29, 2006-Fairleigh Dickinson University Art Gallery, Teaneck, NJ
September 2006- Quadrant Book Mart Gallery, Easton, PA

October 2006- State Theatre Art Gallery, Easton, PA
Newark Public Library, Special Collections--Permanent home. To be on display for use by teachers of Newark and other school districts to demonstrate collaborative book forms for use in the classroom from K-12.

Arts and Crafts Festivals:

June 10, 2006- 28th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival sponsored by the Moravian Historical Society, 10 am-3pm, on the lawn of the historic Whitefield House in Nazareth, PA.

June 17, 2006- Garden Tour of Easton, 9am-5pm, side garden of Presbyterian Church, corner of Broadhead and Monroe Streets, Easton, PA.

August 30, 2007- Art Across The River Festival, Columbia, next to the scenic walking bridge between Columbia, NJ and Portland, PA overlooking the Delaware River. Sponsored by the Columbia NJ Portland Cultural Society. Paintings and Other Media displayed.

June 15, 2008- River Rites Music and Art Festival, an ACE, Arts Community of Easton Event, Riverside Park, Easton, PA. Juried event, paintings and other craft items displayed.

Gallery 31 North Collaborative Book- "The Ground We Stand On", Acrylic on cardstock paper, oragami fold. August 20- September 3, 2006- Gallery 31 North, Glen Gardner, NJ

Skillman Library, Special Collections Division, Lafayette College, Easton, PA- permanent home.

ACE Juried Show at The Fowler Center, Bethlehem, PA; Northampton Community College Campus. Show Dates: March 12-April 20, 2007. Opening: Friday April 6.
"Secret Garden", Original acrylic on canvas, and "Rustic Floral", Original acrylic on canvas

Arts Community of Easton’s Annual Group Show, “Reinvention” April 4- May 11th, 2008. Opening: Saturday, April 5, 2008.
Connexions Gallery, 213 Northampton Street, Easton, PA.
“Utrillo Impression”, based on Maurice Utrillo’s “Flower Still Life”, 1946.

The Garden Of Easton Small Works Show, “All Walks of Life” April 19, 2008- May 17th, 2008.
247 ½ Northampton Street, Easton, PA.
“Old Lady” , original watercolor on canvas board..

ACE Juried Show “The Women of ACE” in celebration of International Women’s Month February 27-April 5, 2009 Connexions Gallery, Easton, PA.
Opening Reception 3/7/09 6-9 pm.
“Old Lady”, watercolor on canvas board featured.

Women's Work--An Exhibit at The Gallery at St. John's from 1/3/10-2/28/10. Featuring Women of Ace’s Collaborative Book, entitled "SECRETS", by 20women artists who constructed origami envelopes that enveloped their secrets and were then bound into a 10 foot accordion book. The book, "SECRETS", will be on display at Moravian College for Women's History Month in March, 2010. Opening Reception on 1/3/10 from 12 noon-3 p.m. St John’s Gallery, 330 Ferry Street, Easton, PA.

March 2010- "Secrets" displayed at Moravian College, The Haupert Union Building, The H. Paty Eiffe Gallery, North Campus, Bethlehem, PA. The book is part of an exhibit entitled "Moriavian College Celebrating Moravian Women." It will be submitted to the National Museum for Women In Art in Washington, DC; for inclusion in their permanent collection.

Corporate Art Exhibitions:

L&D Holmes Office Building, 101 Larry Holmes Drive, Easton, PA, lobby. Exhibition of four works, available for sale to the public. "Vase of Flowers", "Field of Flowers", "Sunlit Lillies", and "Summer Poppies". April 7, 2007 until present.

Community Activities:

04/26/06- River Rites Festival Afterschool Childrens Workshop, Workshop Instructor- Union Housing Authority, Easton, PA. Sponsored by the Landis Community Outreach Center, Lafayette College, Easton, PA. Arts and Crafts created with children for the River Rites Parade.

09/17/06- Forks Community Days Festival, Forks Township, Easton, PA. Manned ACE booth in order to acquire new memberships and patrons of The Arts Community of Easton, promote our events, and my own artwork displayed for sale.
07/28/07, 08/23/08, 07/18/2009- Easton Farmer's Market- Exhibited my own work for sale, as well as promoting my Art Group, The Arts Community of Easton. Ace used this opportunity to promote local arts and artists, and try to encourage potential new memberships.
06/08/08- Community Faire and Car Show, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Bangor, PA. Church sponsored event, and my own artwork displayed for sale.

Friday, April 07, 2006

ACE Collaborative Books

Gallery 31 North Collaborative Book- This the second collaborative book in a series that I have been asked to participate in with my Art Group, The Art Community of Easton. This time, the theme is "The Ground We Stand On"; which could be interpreted in a variety of ways. My piece is a focus on how Nature inspires us to create art. This is too, where alot of my inspiration comes from in all of my work. The front states "The Ground We Stand On.....Inspires Us", while the back reads, "The Beauty of Nature".

This collaborative book serves to create a dialog and community
via a preconceived book structure that will be displayed at
Gallery 31 North, Glen Gardner, NJ beginning August 20, 2006
through September 3, 2006. The Opening for this show will be on August 20, 2006 from 1-4 pm. The Skillman Library at Lafayette College, Easton, PA will be its permanent home.

It is very interesting to me to work on such a small scale, and
have my piece put together with other artist's work to create
something which makes a great impact on such a large scale.

ACE Collaborative Book-

This is a group project, by the Art Community of Easton, PA; of which I belong.
This is my submittal. The theme was "regeneration" I chose floral....
"Floral Regeneration", Acrylic on card stock paper, origami fold.
This entire book, when completed, will be displayed to the public at the following locations in my
area: Please take a look if you are nearby:

May 2006- Williams Center Art Gallery, Lafayette College, Easton, PA- GALLERY OPENING IS SUNDAY MAY 7TH, 2-5 PM
September 2006- Quadrant Book Mart Gallery, Easton, PA
Newark, NJ Public Library, Special Collections--Permanent home.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


"Water Lilies in Spring" 8"x10" $85.00
Original acrylic on canvas, currently framed.
Also available via print on demand fine art sites (see contact info)
This is an "homage" to one of my favorite "Water Lilies" Series by Claude Monet; and invokes a feeling of Spring time.
Date Completed : April, 2008

Hand Painted "Shabby Chic" Vintage Chair

not for sale

Date Completed: January, 2008

"Shabby Chic" Hand Painted Vintage Vanity

Not for sale
Date Completed: December, 2007

Inside view of vanity, lined with fabric

"Sunset Dream" Commissioned Painting

Original: Acrylic on Canvas, 30”x31” NFS

Available on print-on demand artist sites only. (see contact info.)

A colorful sunset turns a hilly landscape into a fantasyland of brilliant flowers and fluffy trees. The hills undulate toward the center of the painting while the pointelistic flowers form hazy patches of soft color. The perfect use of contrasting colors form the essence of the painting, which is calming and dream-like.

Date Completed: September, 2007

Secret Garden Original Acrylic by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton
"Secret Garden"

15" x 21" Acrylic on stretched canvas.
NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SALETrue to the style and techniques of classic Impressionism, this landscape is full of sunlit greenery and flowers;
which evoke a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Also available from print on demand sites.

Date completed: March, 2007

Summer Poppies Original on canvas board by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton
"Summer Poppies"
16" x 12" Acrylic on Canvas Board
Original For Sale $ 100.00
Also available via print on demand sites.Yellow Ochre and Pinks create the soft, subtle shapes of poppies in the summertime lit by sunshine.
Layers of texture and depth used in the paint are used in this" etherial" still life which evoke a feeling
of summer. Painting applied to canvas board with acrylic glaze finish.
Date Completed: September, 2006
Waterlillies Revisited, Original on Canvas by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton
"Waterlillies Revisited"
Not for sale; available only via print on demand sites
Acrylic on Canvas, 32" x 32"

This is my own modern day rendition of
Monet's classic Water Lillies series of paintings.
Received 1st Place in Painting by the National
Art Honors Society' s Second Annual Art

Date Completed: 1987

Serenity, Original on canvas, by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton
Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 26"
Original not available for sale, fine art prints available.
Sunlit reflections on the water
below create the ambiance of this piece.

Date completed: 1999

Rustic Floral, Original on canvas, by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton

"Rustic Floral"
12" x 16" Acrylic on Canvas $175.00
Also available from print on demand sites.Neutral natural colors create this "amorphous" study
of a simple floral still life.
The flowers look succulent and touchable, and seem
very fragile as if they were touched; something would come
away on your fingers.

Date Completed: April 2006

Escargot, Colored Pencil Drawing, by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton "Escargot" Colored Pencil Drawing
Not for sale

Date Completed: 1986

Water Lilly Wood Block Print, by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton " Water Lilly" Wood Block Print
Not For Sale
Date Completed: 1986

Field of Flowers, Original acrylic on canvas painting, by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton "Field of Flowers"

Acrylic on Canvas
17" x 21" $225.00
Also available as fine art print from print on demand sites listed.

Impressionistic style with many shades of pinks and greens, outlining a serene scene. Dots of color are used to merely suggest the details of the flowers and trees.

Date Completed: 1993

Sunlit Lillies, original acrylic on canvas, by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T Walton"Sunlit Lillies"
Acrylic on Canvas

16" x 20" $295.00

Inspired by Monet’s "Water Lillies" series, this is a more modern look at how sunlight plays off the water and water lillies, creating a somewhat dreamy effect.

Date completed: December 2005

Vase of Flowers, Original acrylic on canvas, by Impressionist Artist Kimberley T. Walton
"Vase of Flowers" Commissioned Painting
Original- Acrylic on Canvas (Not For Sale)
IRIS Giclee Prints Available in two sizes.

True to the detail and colors of the original. Vibrant pinks and browns of the roses, and the mixture of colors in studying the play of light on the entire still life, is the main focus of this piece.
Date completed: June 2005

Modern Impressionist